Abiding by the principle of Planet above Profits, the company carries out its activities staying sensitive to the environment.  Adopting a Go Green approach, construction is undertaken employing   raw materials that are eco friendly, taking special care not to harm the surrounding areas.

Utilizing solar power whenever and wherever possible, solar panels are installed in pivotal areas on the premises.  Capacities that allow rain water harvesting are effectively built, thus encouraging the government’s effort of water conservation.
Pursuing economic prosperity through ecological means, the company is constantly upgrading technology that enables efficient utilization of resources.


Shree Shakun Realty P. Ltd believes in the philosophy of “Giving Back.” This has translated into them  being socially sensitive to the causes that remain pertinent to the community at large. Understanding its responsibility as a corporate citizen, the company is closely affiliated with a number of NGO’s in the city and through various programs reaches out with a helping hand to those who need care and support.

Education being pivotal for the growth and development of a country, the company has participated in projects that have worked towards the rebuilding of schools for the underprivileged. As part of a community development program, banquet halls have been built for special social occasions.

Through their actions Shree Shakun Realty P. Ltd shows how much they care.